Swamp lands New Orleans

New Orleans changed everything for us.

We were introduced to an unfamiliar landscape, the swamp, through our conversations of inspiration by local artists. We heard how the landscape has impacted their work, their lives, their opinions about environmental and gentrification issues. The artists we spoke to weren’t just passionate, they were fighting. Fighting to create and protect this home, to make and hold the space for the community, to push each other’s work and thinking, and to appreciate and celebrate the land they’re losing.

We wandered the colorful streets taking it all in before we drove out to meet the swamp for ourselves.

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We drove for almost an hour before we found this 26 foot concrete wall placed here by the US Army Corps. of Engineers after Katrina. Beyond the wall, the trees are dead and the houses are tall, built on stilts a few stories high. There’s no insurance for those living beyond the wall. neworleans-1-5new orleans louisiana 14 new orleans louisiana new orleans louisiana 12

Many more stories from New Orleans to come.

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