The Lost We Found


Donnie and I found this guy in the middle of the road looking for cars to play with. I named her Turquoise and Donnie named him Phillip. We played with him/her (we actually didn’t look for gender) for awhile on the side of the road before we realized we couldn’t leave this pup playing in the road.

As we welcomed this pup into our home, I could hear my dad’s warning voice, “don’t touch stray dogs” ring through my ears. When I traveled to India, he reminded me that no one’s ever survived from Rabies, but I felt pretty good about giving this guy some serious love. Not to mention, my family is full of secret animal rescuers (Jennie saving animals in Peru, Brad saving baby bats in Michigan, and Cliff saving a Husky that was drowning and freezing in Northern Michigan waters). I couldn’t let them down.

All three of us drove back into the small town we passed and chatted with a woman at the diner who said we should call “Paws and Claws” but they ask for a $65 donation, and they’re closed today. Turquoise rested her head in my hands and drank up a bunch of water from our mug. She laid on the floor getting sleepy. We approached all the nearby houses and found no one home.

Finally, we pulled into a small house on the side of the main road. A truck in the driveway was a good sign and a man with a bright orange cap and a long grey mustache came out looking inquisitively at us. We told him who we’d found and he came to meet the pup. The man picked him up and said he’d ask around and care for him until he finds his home.

That was the most adorable lost I’ve ever found.

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