I found the van to be too roomy, so I got a Honda CR-V

Try as we might, we couldn’t split the van into two equal shares. I guess it could be done, but we had no King Solomon-type around to suggest it. And though I helped raise her, Alyssa was always Dixie’s true mother and owner (the van is named Dixie, by the way, you might not have known that).

So what’s a boy to do? If Dixie is considered a house in the van life scene, then I’m the recently divorced guy who has moved into an apartment. Or, more specifically, a Honda CR-V.

If the idea of this makes you a little concerned, I say worry not! It is not out of necessity, but rather choice. I wanted to travel a little more before settling down at Snaggy Mountain this summer. So to do so on the cheap, I have opted to do a mini-build in a Honda CR-V. It’s a much simpler version of what we did with Dixie (who is a Ford Econoline E-350). This build would be a simple bed/storage platform.

I started with a basic rectangle base in the rear of the vehicle:

cr-v build 1acr-v build 1bFrom there, I added a top layer of hinged pieces to the back half that would still give me access to storage underneath. The hinged pieces atop the collapsed back seat also enable me to fold up the platform if I ever want to make use of the full backseat (about a third of the backseat is still in regular seat mode):cr-v build 2a cr-v build 3aNow for taking this platform to bed status! One thing we learned with the van was that a 3-inch memory foam was too thin. Given that I’m already going to be in a very small space, I wanted to give myself any comfort that I could. A 6-inch memory foam mattress would be the way to go.

I had to chop the mattress up a bit to fit the CR-V dimensions:cr-v build 5The quarters are tight, that’s for sure. It does the trick, though! IMG_7096IMG_7098

The better gas mileage and ability to fit the vehicle in smaller spaces has been great! Having the ceiling a few inches from my face while sleeping, not so much. I’ve also come to realize that, when sleeping in tight quarters, it is much easier to get warm in cold weather than to get cool in hot weather. Cool nights and mild days are ideal.

Meeting David and his Prius back in January was also (at the time unknowingly) a huge help for transitioning into a smaller space. I took several pages from his book about organizing ideas and making use of your front passenger seat as a breakfast table:

front seat as a breakfast table honda cr-v

Currently making my way through Colorado! Interviews being conducted and more updates soon…

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