“I believe that the community – in the fullest sense: a place and all its creatures – is the smallest unit of health and that to speak of the health of an isolated individual is a contradiction in terms.”

-Wendell Berry

“A Place & All Its Creatures” was inspired by many things, but the writings of Wendell Berry helped us find focus and motivation to quit our jobs and hit the road. Curious about the relationship between how people shape and are shaped by their landscapes across the States, we went exploring. The project has been shifting into new forms lately, and we’ve begun focusing on creatures who are choosing to live a little less conventionally.

Here’s the team:

alyssa about us green name

This is Alyssa, a Michigan native with a passion for travel and studying humans. From the road, she’s a Digital Marketing consultant, content creator, yogi, hiker, and photographer.

donnie about us green name

This is Donnie. He’s a talented photographer and videographer with wild dance moves.

The team is much bigger than the two of us, and includes all the friends and family helping to make this happen. We’ve also been lucky enough to partner with some great brands and companies to make this happen!

Karma Go for keeping us connected:

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.54.48 AM

Lucid Machine Art for the beautiful wood floor and wood walls:

Wall_Installation_Lucid_Nov2015_Edited (2 of 9)Glassful for expanding our wine appreciation and inspiring us through the van build: diy curtains and glassful

Jumper for the electricity and solar power:

jeff (jumper) helps out with wiring our solar setup

Claire and Jake for final and essential touches aka sewing:  warm_cozy-6

John dill for teaching us electronics and helping with the battery bank etc.

The students from  Tamalpais High School

And so many more inspiring and helpful creatures! You guys are amazing.




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